With new technology of mixing HHO gas + HHO cleaner agent,you can charge more for offering carbon clean service to your customers at least USD80.

Other normal carbon macines with only HHO gas can not charge high price.

For a reseller,you can make money by selling HHO carbon cleaner machine,and also by selling HHO cleaner agent,because every time carbon clean needs one bottle.so it can make sure you a long time business.

For a reseller,you can only make money by selling the machine,and tha’s the end of this bsuiness.

carbon deposit can be well removed out by HHO carbon clean machine 6.0, customers can see the cleaning effect by eyes.

Other machine only use HHO gas and customers hardly can see the cleaning effec

HHO carbon cleaner machine with HHO cleaner agent,the agent can increase the cleaning effect of decarbonizing,also it can protect the engineand keep the engine in a young condition.

Other machines without HHO cleaner agent can hardly gurantee the cleaning effect.

HHO 6.0 is special to use HHO gas mix with HHO clean agent, it can clean engine parts like EGR by regular cleaning.

other machines only use HHO gas, it is diffcult to clean EGR .

A diesel particle filter problem arises when ash and dirt accumulate in the filter, and eventually clog the pores, HHO carbon clean machine 6.0 can clean DPF with good effect by its unique technology that HHO gas mixed with HHO cleaner agent

Other machine with only HHO gas can not clean DPF or with not obvious effect.

A clogged catalytic converter can cause poor gas mileage and lower engine-performance levels in your car, HHO carbon clean machine 6.0 can clean catalytic converter easily and with good effect by its unique technology that HHO gas mixed with HHO cleaner agent.

Other machine with only HHO gas can not clean catalytic converter or with not obvious effect.


We had obtained four invention patents, nine practical newest invention patents, one appearance patent. No any other factory can supply you those.

HHO Group has been authorized to be the President Company of the Changsha Cross-border Trade Associate.

HHO team have been invited to attend the meeting hold by HongKong Environmental Protection Department.

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With one HHO cleaner machine,you can do the decarbonizing service for different vehicles,like: gasoline cars,diesel cars,motorcycles,SUV,bus,heavey trucks and so on.

With 1 unit of HHO, you can do carbon cleaning for different vehicles in different brands, eg: BMW, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, etc.